Hearing Aids

Finding the right hearing aid comes down to matching features with needs. G.L. Wyeno Hearing Specialists provides access to the best devices in the industry. Cutting edge technology makes a difference in the fight against hearing health. By having a compatible hearing device, patients can enjoy crystal clear audio quality in all settings.

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    Bluetooth-enabled Hearing Aids

    Wireless freedom is possible when a Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid is paired with a Bluetooth compatible device. The list is extensive and can include televisions, phones, laptops and more. Pairings don’t expire, so the devices can be set up to automatically connect when in range.

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    CaptionCall is a service that allows captioned text to be shown on a phone call in real-time. The screen is large, comfortable and fully customizable. CaptionCall is professionally installed, and also offers apps for iPhone and Android.

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    Cell Phone Accessories

    To extend the use of hearing aids, cell phone accessories can be purchased. This is the easiest way to take full advantage of a smartphone’s TTY features. For users that don’t have Bluetooth enabled hearing aids, this is the next best step.

    Many cell phones can be used with hearing aid telecoils. Hearing aid accessories that provide a hands-free option may also be helpful.

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    Electronic Shooters Protection

    Gunfire can temporarily or permanently damage hearing. Electronic Shooters Protection is used to nullify the noise without taking away environmental awareness. The flexibility of ESP is useful for personal and professional gun usage.

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  • Hearing Aid Batteries

    Batteries for hearing aids come in different sizes, colors and functions. No two battery types are the same, but their care methods remain similar. When purchasing hearing aids from Midwest Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists, P.C., battery care should be a priority. A better understanding of battery worth leads to less purchases or in-office repair […]

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  • Hearing Aid Styles

    Hearing aid styles take full advantage of individual ear shapes. Skin sensitivities, lifestyle needs and budget are a few things to consider. When selecting the right style for your needs, you will be able to choose from various hearing aid styles.

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  • Hearing Protection

    There are different styles of hearing protection, each with their own special features. Some styles benefit water-based lifestyles while others favor high-speed hobbies. Getting the right hearing protection is essential when environmental noise is a factor.

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    Oticon Hearing Products

    Oticon sells hearing products and accessories for all ages. The hardware handles all of the heavy lifting related to sound manipulation. There are multiple different styles, designs and models to choose from their growing catalog.

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    Phonak Hearing Products

    As the industry embraces new technologies, Phonak continues to be one of the leaders. Their modern take on hearing devices has been noted with award-winning models. Phonak continues to impress by developing new features with their apps and hardware.

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    ReSound Hearing Products

    Founded in 1869, ReSound handles hearing aids, accessories and their compatible apps. Being able to adapt to different environments is important when wearing a new hearing device. ReSound eases consumers into using advanced features without overwhelming their senses.

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    Signia Hearing Products

    Hearing is a lot easier with a Signia device. Their hearing aids create a full experience for all ages. With full adaptability for all ear sizes, crystal clear hearing is possible for all-day wear.

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    Starkey Hearing Aids

    Starkey has one of the largest hearing device catalogs in the industry. This also extends to accessories and other hearing-related options. Starkey is an American owned company that was founded by William F. Austin.

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    Widex Hearing Aids

    Consumers and professionals benefit from Widex hearing devices. They are one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world and is officially a branch of W.S. Audiology. With a large pool of resources, consumers gain access to some of the best hearing aids in the world.

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