Hearing Aid Fitting and Programming

The dispensing and fitting of hearing aids is a big deal for any patient. A lot of personalization options go into getting the right hearing aid, which serves as the final step. When Midwest Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists, P.C. handles fittings, there is an expectation of comfort. This is the best way to ensure patients have the confidence to handle their new hearing.

Hearing aid fitting

When the prescription for the hearing aid is ready, the fitting is scheduled. The night before an appointment, patients can write down questions they have about being a new hearing aid owner. This is a carefully chosen long-term treatment, and questions will always deserve answers.

During the fitting, an audiologist will program the device again. This is the best way to adapt it to a patient’s hearing profile. A simple test will round out the rough edges and lead the way to an explanation of hardware operation.

Live speech mapping

Live speech mapping is a revolutionary way to reprogram hearing aids. It lets an audiologist see what the patient hears in real-time. Live speech mapping is interactive, easy and leads to fewer office visits for reprogramming. Verifying the integrity of sound is a priority, with unique sounds playing a key role. Patients are encouraged to bring along a familiar face to the fitting. Having a normal conversation while reprogramming will give important insight into the value of the current hearing aid setup.

Getting adjusted to hearing devices

An understanding of the equipment’s basic functions helps, but it’s understandable if there is a small learning curve. Digesting all of the information in one sitting is not expected. Confidence levels play a role in a user’s willingness to wear hearing aids. An overload of information will only harm the fitting process and make care and maintenance a burden.

Questions about using hearing devices are always welcome. There are several resources offline and online that cover what it’s like living with ENT problems. Getting to know the many useful features of a hearing aid can be fun. They are an extension of an already amazing system that just needs a little bit of fine-tuning.